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The UCLP Store Tour

Take our whistle stop tour of a typical Waitrose store to find the perfect basket of cholesterol lowering foods and find out just how easy it is to shop the UCLP©.


What are the 3 key steps?

There are three key steps to follow. Take your time with each step and only move onto the next step once you are happy you have fully established your new habits. Each step should take at least one week but to fully cement a new habit can take up to a month.  

Step 1: Time to get motivated

Focus on what motivates you. This step helps to get you started and keep you on track

Step 2: Building strong foundations

Focus on:

  • Replacing bad dietary fats with good ones
  • Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake
  • Including oil rich fish in your diet

Step 3: Your pick and mix of four key UCLP© foods

  • Each one of these foods can help improve your diet.
  • Which and how many of these food you introduce is up to you. The more you adopt the greater you can lower your cholesterol levels.

Remember only to move onto the next stage, or to another UCLP© food, once you are happy with the changes you have already made.

Supported by an educational 
grant from Alpro UK Ltd.

2016 UCLP© Step by step guide

Download your copy of the UCLP© – your personalised plan for healthy cholesterol.

UCLP© at a glance
UCLP© at a glance

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