Fruit and vegetables

You are not alone if you struggle to eat enough fruit and vegetables. But given their health benefits, they are an integral part of the UCLP©.

Eating more fruit and vegetables will help displace other less healthy foods from your diet. Fruit and vegetables also contain valuable soluble fibres which play a role in helping maintain a healthy cholesterol level.

What is my target?

Your target is to reach 5-a-day every day, but if you are already there, evidence suggests you will get benefit from eating even more. All forms of fruits and vegetables count including fresh, frozen, canned, dried, smoothies and juiced. However juices can only be counted once.

Have a look at your diet diary. Do you think you could increase your fruit and vegetable intake?

Here are some suggestions:


  • Add a tablespoon of dried fruit, a handful of berries or sliced banana to breakfast cereals or porridge
  • Have a small (150ml) glass of pure fruit juice or a fruit smoothie


  • Add extra salad or grated carrot to sandwiches or wraps
  • Add some raw vegetable sticks to your lunch pack
  • Add fruit to yoghurt


  • Always serve your meal with salad or cooked vegetables
  • Add vegetables and pulses to stews and casseroles
  • Make vegetable soups from scratch using lots of vegetables and beans
  • Choose a fruit based dessert such as a baked apple, fruit salad or fruit with custard (soya or low fat dairy)


  • A handful of dried or fresh fruit
  • Crudités with healthy dips such as hummous, guacamole, salsa or low fat yogurt-based dips

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Fruit & vegetables
Fruit & vegetables

Fresh, frozen, canned or dried, they all count towards your 5-a-day target. Read our factsheet for ways to help to reach your 5-a-day target.

2016 UCLP© Step by step guide

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UCLP© at a glance
UCLP© at a glance

Download our simple two page factsheet to find out more about the UCLP.

Fruit & vegetables factsheet

Find out what counts and how to reach your 5 a day everyday.