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The basics of cholesterol

Find out more about the basics of cholesterol in our health and high cholesterol section.


Healthy snacks for South Asian diets 

How healthy is your snack?

Remember portions will still have to be controlled.  A snack is not a meal!  Keep snack portions small.

Not so healthy Healthier snack
Bhel puri
​Chevda,sev,gathia, dal moth
Plain puffed rice (mamra) with spices
​Chevda made with 1 part chevda mix and 3 parts puffed rice and spices
Dry roasted chick peas
Potato vada, pakoras, samosas
Fried moong
​Dal vada
Fried Papad
Fried salted nuts
Roasted corn on the cob
Boiled potato chaat
Samosa baked in the oven
Baked crisps
Popcorn (unsalted)
Microwaved or grilled papad
Mixed unsalted nuts
Freash sprouted moong beans
Full cream yoghurts
Full cream milk
Sweet or mango lassi
All types of fruit
Low fat yoghurt - add your own fruit
Low fat milk
Plain lassi made from low fat yoghurt
Fruit chaat
Sweet biscuits, cakes, mathai Oatcakes, rye crispbreads with tomato salsa or cottage cheese