Heart healthy breakfast ideas 

Start your morning the heart healthy way this National Cholesterol Month with one of our fantastic heart healthy breakfasts.

20+ exceedingly good breakfasts : 

  1. For a heart-healthy breakfast this National Cholesterol Month try Cheerios Oat Crisp® with low fat milk and topped with low fat yoghurt & berries

  2. Tuck into a heart healthy breakfast this National Cholesterol Month with a whole grain breakfast cereal and soya milk embelished with stewed apple & walnuts

  3. For a heart healthy breakfast this National Cholesterol Month munch on Shredded Wheat®, low fat milk and topped with low fat Greek yoghurt, honey, flaked almonds & berries

  4. Get your day going during National Cholesterol Month with plain yogurt mixed with toasted nuts and chopped fresh fruit.  Finish with whole grain toast.

  5. Break your fast with a National Cholesterol Month friendly breakfast - munch on a whole grain breakfast cereal, skim or soya milk & dried cranberries  

  6. A perfect start to your day today is this National Cholesterol Month breakfast pick – bran flakes, soak in hot skim milk and top with apple sauce & raisins – LUSH

  7. Forget bacon & egg this Sunday, try an oat based breakfast cereal topped with a low fat prune yoghurt & 4-5 prunes

  8. Why top off your whole grain cereal and milk today with a berry and banana smoothie, its National Cholesterol Month friendly 

  9. For a Sunday brunch to treat your heart during National Cholesterol Month try scrambled eggs, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes & whole grain toast & get 3 of your 5 a day straight away

  10. Break out the grapefruit, spread oatcakes with nut butter and wash down with Earl Grey for a light heart healthy start to your National Cholesterol Month day

  11. Try steamy "stick to your ribs" porridge especially good for autumn morning and for a great cholesterol friendly start to your day  

  12. We love kippers just great for October and a National Cholesterol Month heart healthy breakfast treat at the weekend.  Top with a soft poached egg & serve with orange juice.  LUSH

  13. Looking for a yummy National Cholesterol Month heart healthy breakfast combo for an on the go breakfast.  Why not pack your bag with banana, almonds and raisins and low fat yogurt.   

  14. Forget take out, breakfast like a king during National Cholesterol Month with fabulous fresh fruit and a handful for your favourite nuts

  15. Ex-seed-ingly good for you.  Try a mixture of pumpkin, sesame, poppy and sunflower seeds to top your breakfast muesli or skinny yogurt this National Cholesterol Month  

  16. Mashed banana on wholemeal toast sprinkled with cinnamon is another great heart healthy breakfast idea for National Cholesterol Month. Go on treat yourself

  17. Try kedgeree for National Cholesterol Month this weekend? To make this tasty breakfast treat even better for your heart use brown rice & smoked haddock.

  18. Forget shop bought, try our mouth-watering breakfast muffins for a great National Cholesterol Month friendly start to your day

  19. Indulge yourself this national Cholesterol Month.  Try smoked salmon on whole grain toast topped with a poached egg, its also good for you

  20. A tasty breakfast wrap on the go? Fill a wholemeal wrap with hummus, grated carrot & salad, wrap it up and be on your way in a jiffy

  21. Looking for a high protein heart healthy breakfast? Boil an egg and serve with wholemeal soldiers & scrape of yeast extract - very heart healthy

  22. Why not round off National Cholesterol Month with whole grain breakfast biscuits spread with a vegetable spread and topped with honey and chopped nuts.