Smoked salmon wrapped asparagus

Preparation 10 minutes
Cooking 2 minutes
Serves 6

Ingredients for the dressing

4 teaspoons  plain soya yoghurt
3 teaspoons light mayonnaise
2 teaspoons lemon juice
A handful of parsley, finely chopped
Ground black pepper

Ingredients for the asparagus

12 stalks of asparagus, lightly boiled or steamed until just tender
90g smoked salmon, cut in rectangular pieces
6 medium radishes, thickly sliced
18 unsalted pistachios

  • Prepare the dressing in a small bowl combining the soya yoghurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, handful of chopped parsley and some ground black pepper, and mix well. Slice the radish into thick pieces and cut out triangles around the edges to resemble the shape of a flower.  (Keep the cut-out pieces).  Chop the pistachios into small pieces too.
  • Cut the smoked salmon into rectangular pieces, and wrap around the asparagus and arrange on a plate.  On one side of the asparagus display the slices of radish, on the other side pour a tablespoon of the dressing and sprinkle the cut-out radish triangles and pistachios to make a crumble.