Your fundraising event

Organising your own fundraising event may seem a bit daunting, but we can help you have fun, stay safe and attract support to make your event a real success. 

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Fundraise at work

Motivating yourself to get up for work can be tough at times, and there is often a temptation to stay under the warmth of the duvet!

Why not kick start your day by helping HEART UK prevent early deaths caused by high cholesterol.

9-5 Fundraising Ideas

We have provided you with some ideas for activities you can arrange during office hours or after work. Why not set yourself a challenge by fixing your sights on a target? How much do you think you could raise between 9-to-5, £100, £1,000, £5,000 or even more? It can be amazing how much can be achieved in a single day at work.

Below are some ideas to start your fundraising!

Second class Friday
Post sent first class on Friday will arrive at its destination on Saturday, but it is unlikely to be opened until the Monday. Get permission for your mail room to downgrade all first class mail to second class on a Friday, and give the money saved to HEART UK instead

Promises, promises
Your work force may be full of secret talents that you never knew about. Ask your colleagues to donate their time and skills. They may offer a lesson in singing or flower arranging, gardening, DIY or even babysitting. When you have gathered a good number of ‘promises’ hold an auction. Invite everyone at work to attend, and charge an entrance fee. The more potential bidders that turn up, the more you’ll raise!

You bet it’s a good cause
Arrange a party to celebrate a sporting event. Run a sweepstake for the Grand National, Wimbledon, the football or the rugby, and donate a percentage of the takings to HEART UK

Spot the baby
Who’d have thought that your manager once looked so cute? Collect baby photos from colleagues, pin them on a board and ask people to guess the identities for 50 pence a go. The winner gets a quarter of the takings, and everyone else gets a good laugh.

Sporting glory
Inter department sports matches are always popular, whether it’s football, netball or hockey. Teams are sponsored to play each other or charged a fee to enter. If your company is too small you could also challenge rival companies to join in the fun!

Tough stuff
Take teamwork to a new level, with a corporate challenge such as a paint ball contest or an assault course. First find a suitable location and activity and strike a deal. Recruit your teams and set an entry fee. Encourage everyone to get sponsored too. Publicise your event and on the day consider other ways to boost your profits, like selling refreshments, or an after party.

All year round
Seasons and special occasions provide endless opportunities to fundraise.Whether it’s an Easter celebration or a Christmas extravaganza, there will be lots of fun for everyone. Wear national costumes and sample food from across the globe for Eurovision. Dress up in scary costumes and bob for apples on Halloween. Or why not arrange a Valentine’s ball, a singles night or even a blind date competition?

Dare to be different
You’ve heard of dress down Fridays, well now there’s dress differently days too! The idea is really simple. Choose a day, create a theme, and encourage everyone to wear the weird, the wild, the wacky and the ridiculous. Dress up, dress down, swap clothes and dare to be different.

Payroll Giving
Making a donation to HEART UK directly from your salary is the most tax-efficient way of giving. Find out more »

Charity of the Year
Choosing HEART UK as your Charity of the Year is a great way to boost staff retention and motivation.

The nature of our cause will appeal to all your staff and inspire them to take part in fundraising activity – we will work closely with you and our personal touch will make your staff feel valued.

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Commercial partnerships
Partnering with us for an on-pack promotion can be the the difference between a consumer choosing your brand or your rivals.

Teamredlaces would be delighted to have your company’s support. Whether you support our Virgin London Marathon team, or all running events, we would love to work with you on a bespoke sponsorship package.