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Fundraising success stories

Our Teamredlaces fundraisers are remarkable people. We’re forever indebted to them.

From running races to conker challenges, Yoga-a-thons to setting world records, being a part of Teamredlaces is a lot of fun for all involved.

We hope you enjoy reading the success stories of Teamredlaces members, and hope to welcome you to our growing community soon!

Teamredlaces at the Virgin London Marathon
Teamredlaces raised over £75,000 through the 2012 Virgin London Marathon! A huge thank you to all our runners and their friends and family for supporting HEART UK through the world’s largest marathon. Our team of 35 ‘threaded ‘em red’ and took on the 26.2 mile course in the blazing April sunshine.

Dedicated supporter of HEART UK, Karen Hasid, and friends raised a bumper £5000 by holding a Yoga-a-thon on 19 July 2012.

Karen and a team of friends and supporters loved organising the Yoga-a-thon, attended by over 100 people throughout the day, and supported by Pineapple Dance Studios who donated 100 yoga mats, it certainly was an amazing success!

Big Heart Bike Ride
Big Heart Bike Ride raises a huge £60,000 for HEART UK and three other heart charities!

We welcomed home 35 cyclists who took on the challenge, covering 400km of Tanzanian wilderness in just one week, to raise vital funds for HEART UK.

To take part or find out more about the  2013 Big Heart Bike Ride in Jordan read more..

Two exceptional and dedicated fundraisers achieved their mission to “climb Mount Everest” and in the process raised over £2000 for HEART UK.

The Lonest Climb
Tom Lancaster and Jonny Brigg successfully completed their epic climb at the British Leisure Show in Windsor, breaking two World Records at the same time!

The climb was dedicated to the memory of Rupert Rosedale, who was tragically killed in an avalanche on Ben Nevis in December 2009. “He was an amazing man, who taught me how to climb,” says Tom, “and it seemed appropriate that his memory and his life should be celebrated in this way”.

Fundraising Help Pack
Fundraising Help Pack

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