Sir Ranulph Fiennes
Sir Ranulph Fiennes

“HEART UK understand the importance of knowing the dangers of high cholesterol and National Cholesterol Month is a great opportunity to help them to help others. I would encourage everyone to support HEART UK during National Cholesterol Month and help them to raise vital funds so that they can continue their fine work.”

Fundraising Help Pack
Fundraising Help Pack

Our Fundraising Help Pack is full of advice and tips, to request a copy email Fundraising or call 01628 777 046


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Climb for heart health!

During October, challenge yourself and take the stairs instead of the lift at work or take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator when out shopping or travelling. Count your climbs with a Fitbit, or if you have the iPhone 5S and above you can record your steps with the Health App. Set yourself a challenge and see just what you can climb in a day!  You could also challenge yourself in the gym on a stair machine.  Or if you wanted to add a bit of fun – try one of our fantastic virtual challenges during October!

Climb to the top of Big Ben - it’s 399 steps to the lantern at the very top!  Go there and back every day and clock up 800 additional steps a day!

Everyone loves Paris so time to go on a virtual tour of this amazing city by climbing The Eifel Tower!  It has 1,700 steps – challenge yourself to do this once a week for four weeks - or club together with your family, friends or work colleagues and do a team challenge to see if you can climb up and down every day for a month!

Or why not climb the world’s tallest building and go on a virtual tour up to the top of The Burj Khalifa in Dubai – a mere 2,909 steps each way!  Again, perfect for a team challenge - that’s 180,358 steps if your team does this there and back for the entire month of October!  

Choose which challenge suits you or your team.  Either do the challenges on a stair machine in the gym or climb actual stairs or escalators!  Encourage your family, friends and work colleagues to get involved too.  Open a Virgin Money or Just Giving account, send the link round to everyone you know (including those on your social media channels) and see how much your efforts will raise for HEART UK.

Please tweet about your challenge, and post photographs on Instagram and Facebook - @heartukcharity using #NCMheartuk 

HEART UK cannot accept liability for any problems or accidents during activities run in its name. Please make sure you keep safe and legal, and have fun! For comprehensive advice on all aspects of health and safety at events, see 

Read how we use the money you raise to help us fund our vital work.

Thank you for getting involved.

HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Month is proudly supported by Nestlé Heart Healthy Cereals.

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