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Fundraising Help Pack
Fundraising Help Pack

Our Fundraising Help Pack is full of advice and tips, to request a copy email Fundraising or call 01628 777 046


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Row for heart health!

Row, row, row your boat for heart health!  Rowing is an endurance exercise that increases stamina and helps keep your heart in tip top condition.   Rowing enhances your lung’s ability to provide oxygen to the blood, heart and the rest of your body.  Whether you take to the waters or use a rowing machine at home or in the gym, why not have fun and do one of our great virtual rowing challenges for HEART UK?

  • Try Rowing from Portsmouth to Fishbourne, on the Isle of Wight.  This is a short 16 mile virtual row.  You can do this at your leisure – all at once, or throughout October.
  • Alternatively, why not do a virtual row of 26 miles across  the English channel
  • If that doesn’t float your boat, try a bigger rowing challenge from Liverpool to Dublin – a mere 162 miles
  • And for those that want a really big challenge head to the highlands of Scotland and do a virtual row from Inverness to the Shetland Isles – just 317 miles.

Choose which challenge suits you.  Either do the challenge on a rowing machine in the gym or on the water!  Download the Rowing SPM App and record the miles you row on water,  alternatively, if you have the iPhone 5S and above, you can record your miles with the Health App.  Most rowing machines will have a mile counter.

Encourage your family and friends to get involved too!  Open a Virgin Money or Just Giving account, send the link round to family and friends (including those on your social media channels) and see how much your efforts will raise for HEART UK.

Please tweet about your challenge, and post photographs on Instagram  and Facebook - @heartukcharity using #NCMheartuk


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Thank you for getting involved

HEART UK cannot accept liability for any problems or accidents during activities run in its name. Please make sure you keep safe and legal, and have fun! For comprehensive advice on all aspects of health and safety at events, see 

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