Campaigning to increase awareness of raised cholesterol as a major public health concern. 

FH Toolkit

The HEART UK Familial Hypercholesterolemia​ (FH) Toolkit is aimed at commissioners and clinicians, with a suite of materials designed to aid implementation of the guideline.

What is FH?

Genetic inherited high cholesterol, known as Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) explained.

Helpline Module

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HEART UK launches a patients’ charter

At HEART UK, our vision is to prevent premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. We aim for the majority of UK adults to know and understand their cholesterol levels and to be taking any necessary action.

There is a growing recognition that patients with long-term health conditions such as high cholesterol should take a more active role in understanding and managing their condition. With this in mind, the HEART UK Patients’ Charter has been created as a tool for patients to use when communicating with healthcare professionals.

The aim is to empower patients with knowledge about living with raised cholesterol and the care that they are entitled to receive from healthcare professionals. Both patients and healthcare professionals have had input into its development.

The patients’ Charter sets out what a patient can expect from health services in the UK, but also what is asked of them – including playing an active role in managing their own condition. The NHS regions (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) have constitutions and guidelines which cover the general principles, rights and expectations of patients in their healthcare journey. The HEART UK Patients’ Charter includes the important aspects of these and also provides specific guidance for patients with lipid- and cholesterol-related health issues.

The patients’ charter covers topics ranging from diagnosis to treatment, and also highlights the importance of self-care and lifestyle changes. 

How to use the patients’ charter

If you think that you might have raised cholesterol, the patients’ charter will help you to talk to your GP or other healthcare professional about having a cholesterol test and what happens after that. This will ensure that you obtain a diagnosis as early as possible, which will enable you to start managing your condition effectively.

If you are currently receiving treatment or following a suggested lifestyle change, you can use the patients’ charter in your regular check-ups with your GP or other health care professional to ensure that you continue to receive the most appropriate advice for your individual circumstances.

Your role
As well as having a right to obtain appropriate information, diagnosis and treatment from the health care professional responsible for your treatment, you also have a responsibility to carry out your agreed actions to manage your condition. The patients’ charter reminds you what these might be, and enables you to discuss your role in managing your condition with your GP or other health care professional. 

Download a copy of the patients’ charter. 

If you have used the patients’ charter and have a query or wish to provide us with feedback, please contact the HEART UK Helpline.