Assign score

ASSIGN is a cardiovascular risk score developed by the University of Dundee and was launched for use alongside SIGN (Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network) guideline 97 for use in Scotland.  It differs from other commonly used risk calculators because it takes into the account the effects of social deprivation.

The ASSIGN score is based on research carried out with 13,000 Scottish men and women in the 1980s and 1990s. These people had their risk factors measured and were followed for 10 years or more to see who developed cardiovascular disease.

It identifies people free of cardiovascular disease who are most likely to develop it over ten years. ‘High risk’ (score 20 or more) indicates a need for further advice or treatment to reduce risk.

The risk factors involved in the calculation are:

  • age (being older)
  • sex (being a man)
  • where you live (higher risk in poor neighbourhoods)
  • family history (relatives who have or had coronary disease or stroke)
  • diabetes mellitus (person has sugar diabetes)
  • cigarette smoking
  • the blood pressure reading
  • the blood total cholesterol reading – mainly ‘bad cholesterol’
  • the blood HDL-cholesterol reading – ‘good cholesterol’

Find out more about ASSIGN, use the risk calculator or download the offline version here