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Tips and ideas for Healthier Tea Parties

We have complied some great snack ideas for those of you who want to ensure your Hearty Tea Party has a healthy slant to it.  Not only can this be healthier for your guests but it is also in keeping with our advice to lower saturated fat intake and help keep cholesterol levels low.  It can be a great talking point too at your Tea Party.  If you decide to prepare more traditional snacks don’t worry too much.  Here is the advice of HEART UK's dietitians "For most people the occasional treat is fine.The important thing is to have a healthy diet overall."  So whatever you prepare, enjoy your Tea Party and help raise much needed funds for HEART UK.

Here is a selection of suggested Healthy Tea Party snacks

  • Finger sandwiches made from whole grain bread - try rolls, baguettes, rye bread, open sandwiches, bagels and wraps
  • Fruit - fresh or dried: try fruit kebabs, strawberries with soya cream alternative, or a fruit bowl
  • Vegetable sticks with dips – try carrot, cucumber, sweet pepper, celery and cherry tomatoes
  • Low fat hummus and toasted pitta bread fingers
  • English muffins, fruit scones, hot cross buns, currant teacakes, jaffa cakes
  • Unsalted popcorn oatcakes, digestives or crackers
  • Cereal, nut and breakfast bars
  • Mixed unsalted nuts
  • Low fat yogurts, low fat fromage frais or soya alternatives

For those after a South Asian twist

Spreads: Use olive oil or sunflower spreads in sandwiches, scones and teacakes and muffins.  Sandwich fillings: Use thinly sliced lean meat, fish (e.g. tuna, salmon, prawns or sardines), eggs, nut butters or low fat hummus. Add lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, grated carrot. Add variety with chutney, light mayonnaise or salad cream if desired. 

Bakes to Buy

Many stores sell healthier cake ranges.  Look out for those that contain 1.5g saturated fat or less per 100g or per portion or stay as close to this target as you can.  Examples include: Tesco Light Choices, Weight Watchers, Mrs Crimble Cakes, McVities Jamacan Ginger Golden Syrup,  Sponge Tesco finest Date and Walnut Loaf Cake.  But don't forget to check the label. 

Cholesterol level concerns?
Cholesterol level concerns?

Concerned about your cholesterol levels?  Is there is a history of heart disease in your family? Contact us or download our cholesterol fact sheets.

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Who is at risk?

Six out of every ten people in the UK have raised or abnormal levels of blood cholesterol.

Cholesterol increases as you get older. It can also increase if you;

  • eat too much saturated fat
  • gain too much weight
  • are not very active

Some people have high cholesterol because they have inheritied this trait from a parent.