• BIll Richmond Award 2016
    Winner: Best Medical & Scientific oral presentation - Elizabeth Ellins
  • Best Heatlhcare oral Award 2016
    Winner: Zoe Jayne and Julia Lungley
  • Poster prize winner 2016
    Jonathan Schofield
  • Poster prize runner up 2016
    Lisa Gritzmacher
  • Poster "People's Choice" winner 2016
    Alison Hills

Information available from Autumn 2017

Travel Grant winners report

"...As a current medical student undertaking a summer research project investigating the barriers associated with the implementation of familial hypercholesterolaemia in Scotland, I found the conference both enjoyable and incredibly helpful to see how these problems are being addressed not just in Scotland but across the world. The conference also allowed me to present a poster to an audience of experts in the field of lipidology, and despite not winning any awards it was a fantastic learning opportunity... I am confident that the experience I gained will benefit both my project and my future medical career."


30th Annual Conference 2016

Watch the highlights of our recent conference in Edinburgh. 


Prizes and awards - How to apply

The presentation of prizes and awards will take place on Friday 7 July in the afternoon.

These will be presented by the Chairman and Medial Director of HEART UK.  A photo of you receiving your award will be emailed to each attending winner after the conference. 


Deadline for abstract submissions: CLOSED

Abstract authors notified of selection: email notification sent 29 March

Deadline for travel grant applications: CLOSED

Deadline for Wingett Award applications: CLOSED

Free Communication Prizes:

To submit abstracts for either oral or poster presentation and for full submission instructions, please refer to the page - Abstracts of Free Communications.

Submission deadline: CLOSED

1. Bill Richmond Award for the Best Medical & Scientific Oral Presentation  -  £400

(applicable to medical & scientific presenting abstract authors)

Bill Richmond was a founder member of the British Hyperlipidaemia Association (now HEART UK) and for many years was a member of the Laboratory Sub Committee. In August 2010 Bill died tragically in a fishing accident in his beloved Scotland.

After reading Chemistry at St Andrews University, he worked as a Biochemist in Victoria Infirmary in Fife and moved to London in 1969 where he developed methods that could be adapted for automation. His lasting contribution to medicine was the development of rapid simple and reproducible measurement of cholesterol at time when this required the use of hazardous chemicals. His original paper in Clinical Chemistry in 1973 described the use of cholesterol oxidase as a key enzyme in the enzymatic measurement of cholesterol and this is still the basis of all routine enzymatic measurements.

Bill moved to St Mary’s Hospital in London 1979, becoming consultant clinical scientist in 1989 and retiring in 2006. At St Mary’s he principally collaborated with Professor Robert Elkeles and Dr Michael Feher and published over 40 papers on the relationship of lipids and diabetes and highly successful monograph on lipids.

HEART UK is presenting an award in his honour for the best oral presentation in the medical and scientific abstracts.   Oral presentations will be marked on timing, presentation, science and questions. 


2. Best Healthcare Oral  Presentation  -  £400

(applicable to healthcare presenting abstract authors)

One prize of £400 will be awarded for an oral paper presented at the conference by scientist or health professional.

Oral presentations will be marked on timing, presentation, science and questions.


3. Poster Presentation Prizes  -  £150 and £75

Two prizes will be awarded for the best healthcare professional poster free communication made at the conference.

£150 – winner
£75 – runner up

Poster presentations will be marked by a judging panel on presentation and content.


4. Poster "People's Choice" Prize  -  £100 

One prize will be awarded for the best poster as nominated by conference delegates during the conference.
This is your opportunity to vote for your "People's Choice" best poster.
We would encourage delegates to attend during the moderated poster session on Friday morning when poster authors will be in attendance. 
A voting slip will be included in each delegate pack and votes can be made up until noon on Friday.  Every vote counts - please take time to view the posters.


5. The Rianna Wingett Award : Beyond the Call of Duty for FH - £150

For patients, this is your opportunity to nominate your GP or healthcare professional who you feel has gone beyond the call of duty in terms of early detection of FH or raised cholesterol, or perhaps has championed new ideas on screening for these conditions or has helped you in some other way pre or post diagnosis.

Rianna Wingett flier

It's the kind of remark you might hear in any school playground when pupils are feeling puffed out after a PE class.

But seconds after finishing a cross country run and telling a friend 'Oh God, I think I'm going to die', Rianna Wingett's heart stopped beating.
As she collapsed on the school playing fields at Abbs Cross School in Hornchurch, Essex, on 27 November 2009, nobody could have imagined the reason why.
A post-mortem revealed one of the main arteries to her heart was so clogged with cholesterol deposits, that the gap left for the blood to flow through was no bigger than a pin prick.
Starved of sufficient blood, her young heart went into cardiac arrest and, despite the valiant efforts of paramedics and an emergency medical team at Queen's Hospital, Romford, it simply refused to start again.

It was the day before her 12th birthday.

Rianna had fallen victim, at an exceptionally young age, to a genetic condition that can cause sky-high cholesterol levels from early childhood.
It's called familial hypercholesterolaemia; 'familial' because it runs in families and 'hyper' because cholesterol deposits in the blood can be off-the-scale, compared to levels seen in those who don't have the condition.”

Read Rianna's story

For patients, this is your opportunity to nominate your GP or healthcare professional who you feel has gone beyond the call of duty in terms of early detection of FH or raised cholesterol, or perhaps has championed new ideas on screening for these conditions or has helped you in some other way pre or post diagnosis.

The award of £150, in memory of Rianna Wingett, will be presented at the conference by HEART UK’s chairman.

Deadline for applications: CLOSED


Step 1: In no more than 200 words submit your nomination to the conference office by EMAIL detailing why you feel your GP or healthcare professional is worthy of this award.
Step 2: Remember to include within the email the contact details for your nominee (address, telephone and email).
Step 3: For yourself, as proposer, please make sure you include your contact details including email and telephone number so we can advise you of the outcome of the nomination.
Step 4: Nominees will be notified by the conference office no later than mid May and the winner will be invited to attend the conference to receive their award.

Conference Office

For any questions relating to the Annual Conference, please contact the conference office below:

Natasha Dougall
Wheldon Events & Conferences
93 Watling Street, Bridgtown,
Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 0BG
T: +44 (0) 1543 503 322
F: +44 (0) 1543 466 890

E: wheldonevents@btconnect.com

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