This product is approved
Approved by HEART UK

This product is approved by HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity

Flora ProActiv

HEART UK has approved the Flora ProActiv range, as these foods contain plant sterols, an ingredient clinically proven to lower cholesterol.

A daily intake of 1.5 – 2.4g plant sterols can lower your cholesterol by 7 – 10% in just three weeks, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plant sterols are naturally occurring ingredients, found in many fruits and vegetables. However, it is almost impossible to get the recommended amount of plant sterols to reach the optimal cholesterol-lowering effect through a normal diet. Flora ProActiv contains the optimal amount of plant sterols, to help lower cholesterol.

The Flora ProActiv range consists of three delicious spreads, 4 flavours of mini yoghurt drinks and a skimmed milk, all with added plant sterols to help lower cholesterol. Choose from having either 3 servings of spread and/or milk a day, or 1 mini yoghurt drink a day, for a simple way to meet your daily intake of plant sterols.