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Product approval policy

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This product is approved by HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity

Your 7 day heart health plan – brought to you by Elephant Atta Chakki Gold® wholemeal flour and HEART UK 

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Here at HEART UK we are passionate about keeping hearts healthy and ticking over just nicely. 
Living a healthy life and eating good food are part of what keeps families well.   But life can be challenging and sometimes your good intentions go off track.  So with the help of Elephant Atta we have devised a 7 day eating plan - especially for you – to help keep your cholesterol low and help keep you and your family healthy.   

What is a healthy diet?

A heart healthy diet is rich in fruit, vegetables, pulses, nuts, seeds and whole grains and is low in animal fats, sugars and salt.  

The good news is that many traditional South Asian foods are actually quite healthy, however, the way that dishes are prepared is very important too.  Most of us worry that if we change what we eat we won’t enjoy it as much or the family will complain - but replacing ghee, butter, lard and fatty meats with vegetable oils, vegetable spreads, lean meats, eating more fish and choosing vegetarian alternatives are small changes that we can all try and often won’t be noticed.

Frying onions and spices in oil or ghee is a traditional part of South Asian cooking. But you can still create tasty dishes using less oil and making the most of the wide variety of herbs and spices that add flavour and aroma to cooked foods. Why not use non-stick pan for tarka/vagar and limit the amount of oil you use to just 1 teaspoon per serving of the curry?

Getting enough fibre? 

Most people in the UK eat too few whole grains and too many processed carbohydrates (starchy and sugary foods) which have had their beneficial cereal fibre stripped away.  Elephant Atta Chakki Gold is different.  It’s made with 100% whole wheat flour – nothing more nothing less – and provides a rich source of fibre but it also makes the lightest and fluffiest chapattis. It’s so good it’s approved by HEART UK as part of a healthy balanced diet. So swapping your traditional flour for Elephant Atta Chakki Gold is just one of those easy simple swaps that can make a big difference.  And Chakki Gold Atta is not only naturally high in fibre it’s also low in saturated fat and sugar too.

Why not try our 7 day meal plan – we hope to inspire you and help keep your heart healthy.

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