The UCLP© 3 key steps

There are three key steps to follow. Take your time with each step and only move onto the next step once you are happy you have fully established your new habits. Each step should take at least one week but to fully cement a new habit can take up to a month.

Time to get motivated

Building strong foundations

Your pick and mix of four key UCLP foods

UCLP Resources

We have resources for both health professionals and their patients.

You can download the UCLP©​ leaflet or contact the HEART UK helpline for additional copies ( or tel 0345 450 5988      

All our other UCLP© resources are online/downloadable from these pages: UCLP resources, Health professional resources and publications, Joint activities/UCLP©

The UCLP Store Tour

Take our whistle stop tour of a typical Waitrose store to find the perfect basket of cholesterol lowering foods and find out just how easy it is to shop the UCLP©.

UCLP© at a glance
UCLP© at a glance

Download our simple two page factsheet to find out more about the UCLP.

UCLP© heart healthy plate

To find out how you can improve your diet click on the link below to show the heart healthy plate in more detail.


Following this link to visit our consumer UCLP©​ pages

HEART UK wins best resource award

HEART UK and Alpro receive the “Resource of the Year Award 2012” at the Nutrition and Health Show.  The judging panel particularly liked the clarity of our materials and the clear illustrations.  Pictured centre receiving the award were Kate Authur (Alpro) and Linda Main (HEART UK).  The award was presented by Jill Scott of Scott Nutrition (far left) and Professor Sue Langham-New, University of Surrey (far right).

Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan (UCLP©​)

In collaboration with Alpro UK, HEART UK has produced its very own diet plan, the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan (UCLP©​).

What is the UCLP©​?

  • A scientifically grounded approach to cholesterol lowering, based on 20 years of research
  • A flexible step-by-step approach to cholesterol lowering with foods proven to benefit cholesterol levels
  • A patient centred plan which incorporates motivational interviewing

How does it work?

The UCLP©​ is based on original research by Dr David Jenkins who experimented with a “portfolio” of key foods. The Portfolio Diet successfully lowered cholesterol, by a similar amount to a low dose of a statin, in people who were highly motivated to make changes to their diets.

Few people in the UK have adopted the Portfolio Diet, mainly because of the prescriptive amounts of foods that need to be eaten and the lack of true resources to support them.

Working together, HEART UK and Alpro UK, have developed resources to enable health professionals to introduce the UCLP© to their patients.

What results can health care professionals expect from the UCLP©​ ?

The beauty of the UCLP©​ is that everyone can potentially achieve some additional cholesterol lowering, whether they are following a cholesterol lowering plan already, or not. For those not already making dietary changes, the UCLP©​ offers cholesterol reductions of 5-24% dependent upon individual motivational levels and the support received from their health professional.

The UCLP​© Report -  Eating to Our Heart’s Content – Saving Lives and Money

This authoritative report, written by leading experts in collaboration with HEART UK, investigates the current UK heart health status and how adoption of the UCLP©​ at national level can help to save lives and NHS costs.

UCLP​© Resources

Since the birth of the UCLP©​ in 2011 we have produced a number of resources including a consumer leaflet, several fact sheets, a healthcare professional toolkit (HCP teaching guide, Consumer slides, Consumer fact sheet), consumer online pages and our latest addition the UCLP©​ store tour 

If you have any comments about the UCLP©​, good or bad, we would like to hear them.  Please address any comments to Linda Main at HEART UK.  

Visit our UCLP© consumer pages
Visit this page to find all our downloadable UCLP© fact sheets and leaflets.

2016 UCLP© Step by step guide

Download your copy of the UCLP© – your personalised plan for healthy cholesterol.

2015 - UCLP© foundation diet
UCLP© essentials

Explore the 5 food groups and discover how to incorporate these into your UCLP foundation diet.

UCLP© Downloads

For further information click on the link below to download a PDF

UCLP© healthy fats factsheet
UCLP© healthy fats factsheet

The UCLP© is not a low fat diet. It means replacing saturated fats with heart healthy unsaturated fats.