TAM Asset Management

Jules Payne and Lester Petch (CEO of TAM Asset Management)

TAM Asset Management 

HEART UK are delighted to be working with TAM Asset Management Ltd (TAM) as one of their official partner charities. TAM has launched an exciting range of socially responsible investment portfolios under the trading name of TAM Ethical and alongside a new initiative called “You Give, We Give”. The innovative scheme allows their clients to donate a percentage of their annual investment gain to a charity of their choice. What’s more, TAM will also donate the same percentage of their total annual fees from that client’s portfolio to the same charity. You can invest directly into a TAM Ethical portfolio or under an ISA or pension.  For further information about the scheme please visit www.tamethical.com.

TAM are also doing some amazing fundraising for HEART UK with a London to Paris bike ride on May 7th and a 5K challenge in Battersea Park on July 9th where they hope to raise significant funds for HEART UK.  If you would like to sponsor the TAM team on their bike ride and raise vital funds for HEART UK, you can do so here.

HEART UK cannot accept any liability for the integrity or performance of TAM ethical products.   


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