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Cholesterol - What Impact for Europe?

Raised cholesterol and CVD need a European approach

Jules Payne talks with MEPs and policy makers about why cholesterol and CVD need to be tackled at a European level

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Taking part in a clinical trial

What type of people are involved in clinical trials?

To enter a clinical trial you need to meet the entry conditions. All clinical trials have these and they will differ from study to study.  In general clinical trials conducted in the UK will require you to be: 

  • Living in the UK
  • Generally fit and well
  • Not pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Registered with a GP in the UK

There may be other criteria as well, such as such as having an existing medical condition or known risk factor(s).  Also there may be things that prevent you from taking part such as specific medications or supplements you are taking or elements of your medical history.

How do clinical trials recruit people?

Specialist companies are responsible for conducting research studies in patient groups.  They have the expertise to find the people who are suitable and willing to take part.  They also recruit the doctors and other health workers who carry out the trial.   If you are interested in taking part in a trial you could:     

  • Ask your doctor or specialist - especially if you are aware that they may be involved in research
  • Look out for adverts in the paper, on public transport and on line
  • Register for HEART UK's Cholesterol E-News at the top of this page so we can send you news of clinical trails recruiting 

Remember you will not be eligible to take part in every clinical trial.

What are the benefits or drawback of taking part?

  • People who are on a clinical trial are usually monitored more closely.  You may enjoy this extra level of scrutiny and find out more about your health and any condition that you have.  
  • The treatment you are given may be better than any existing treatment you were receiving before the trial.
  • After the trial has finished you may continue to receive the same treatment 
  • By being involved in a trial you are doing your bit to help test new treatments and therapies that other people may benefit from in the future   

What are the disadvantages of being in a clinical trial?

  • It is likely that neither you or the doctor will know if you are getting the standard or the new treatment
  • The new treatment may turn out to be less effective that was thought
  • You might experience some side effects 
  • You may have to visit your doctor or a clinic more often or have more tests
  • You may be asked to follow a strict diet, keep records or collect information to help the researchers   

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