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HEART UK - The Cholesterol Charity
7 North Road

T. 0345 450 5988

Normal Helpline hours: Monday - Friday from 10am to 3pm
Dietetic advice available in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi on Fridays

The HEART UK website has been designed and organised so that it is easy to use and easy to find information. It’s entirely up to you how you use it, but we have covered some of the more common tasks below.

We also want to continually improve, so should you experience any difficulty using this site or have any suggestions for improvement for the future, then please contact us.

Navigating around our website

The best place to start looking on our website depends on what you wish to do:

  • For our most popular topics, on our Home Page, we have listed the ten most frequently asked questions we receive and linked this to the most appropriate section of our site, so look to see if this covers your specific concern.
  • HEART UK has an extensive resource of information, guidance, research and news.  We have grouped these into 8 categories that are listed as Menu Tabs.  Each Menu Tab has a drop-down menu, allowing you to navigate directly to a sub-category in that subject area or you can choose to click onto the Menu Tab header, which will guide you to an introduction to that subject category.  Once you have navigated to a category, the links within that section also appear in a column on the left hand side of the page.
  • Within any page on our site, you will also find embedded links to other pages on our site that provide further detailed information.  Links to pages within our site will redirect to that page and you just need to use your back arrow to return to where you were previously.  Links to external websites will always open in a new window, so you will be able to see quite clearly that you are no longer on the HEART UK website.
  • At the top of each page, you will see a quick link to our E-newsletter sign-up, our informative and friendly Cholesterol Helpline and ways to support HEART UK with a Donation.
  • In the footer section of our web pages, you will find all our “house-keeping” links such as About us, Our partners, Contact us, Media centre and About this site.  You will also find links to our Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter there as well.