Children’s FH Resources

HEART UK has produced resources aimed at children and families where FH is present.

A story of Hope

A story of Hope is a short four-minute film about a family with a history of FH.

Hope goes on an enlightening musical journey to explore FH. She realises that if she takes control of her condition and sticks to a few rules then she can live a full and healthy life and also empower others with FH to do the same.

This colourful story-in-song explains FH in a format the whole family can understand and enjoy. Originally produced for the FH Foundation in the United States, HEART UK and University College London have collaborated with Funky Medics to produce this new UK version of the film.

The unauthorised downloading or copying of this animated video, or any part thereof, without licence or purchase is deemed as copyright infringement and will initiate immediate legal action. Purchase and license fee information can be obtained from HEART UK or Funky Medics Ltd.

Buddy’s FH Adventure

This e-book is aimed at children aged 7 and older. The book is published through Me Books, and is free to watch after registering.

Buddy’s robot pal FHin takes him on a journey into the body to understand FH and sets him rules for a healthy life.

The book is lots of fun to watch, complete with audio and delightful cartoon graphics. The development of this e-book has been supported by an unrestricted grant from Amgen. Amgen has not had editorial input or control over the contents of the e-book.

Buddy can be accessed on all android and iOS devices aka Google platform devices and iPhone/iPad. To read 'Buddy's FH Adventure', complete with audio, please click on the button below, or visit Me Books, download the Me Books App (FREE!), register for Me Books (also free!), then search for 'Buddy's FH Adventure'. Download the story and watch it free of charge.

Buddy's FH Adventure – Claim a free Me Book

If you do not have access to the e-book, download a PDF of Buddy's FH Adventure here.

Movie - Christian’s story

Listen to Christian’s story - dealing with Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Blood Fats
Blood Fats

Read our popular Blood Fats Explained leaflet.  

FH Video

Video showing why Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) needs to be addressed. 

What is FH?

Genetic inherited high cholesterol, known as Familial hypercholesterolaemia (FH) explained.