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HEART UK provides world-class info, resources, training & networking to keep you up-to-date on best practice, care, delivery, new treatments and the latest news on cholesterol.

The activities of Medical, Scientific and Research Committee (MS&R)

MS&R oversees the annual conference, the development of research and speciality training programmes, allocation of research awards and clinical guideline development. A wide range of health professionals have a seat on the Committee and we have achieved great things through this group!

HEART UK are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Handrean Soran as the new Chair of the MS&R Committee and Dr Dev Datta as the new Deputy Chair. We would like to say a big thank you to Nigel Capps for serving as Chair for many years.

Both Dr Soran and Dr Datta bring with them a wealth of experience and we are all looking forward to working with them.

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Fact sheets
Fact sheets

HEART UK has produced a range of diet and medical fact sheets for you to use and refer to.

Reducing cholesterol

Making changes to the food you eat and being more active can help lower your cholesterol to normal levels.

In some cases, particularly if you are older or at greater risk, you may also need to take a cholesterol-lowering medicine like a statin. Statins are very effective, safe and well tolerated and have been shown to reduce heart attacks.