• Improve your cholesterol levels
    Have a healthier diet – adopt foods
    that actively lower cholesterol
  • Improve your cholesterol levels
    Become more physically active –
    this will help lose and maintain a healthy weight
Want to lose weight?
Want to lose weight?

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Get active

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Healthy lifestyle

If you have just been diagnosed with high cholesterol it's only natural to wonder what you can do yourself to lower this.

Some things that put you at increased risk can’t be changed; like the risk you inherit from your parents, your age and any symptoms you already have. But some things can be changed such as what you eat and your lifestyle.

You can help improve your cholesterol levels by:

Don’t expect to change your lifestyle overnight. For most of us that’s just not possible. Try to identify 2 or 3 things you can do now and which you can maintain. Think how they can become a regular part of your lifestyle. Once new habits are established try making more changes.

Small changes can result in a big difference to your health over time. You can find out more about healthy living on the following pages or visit the NHS Choices website.

Reducing cholesterol

Making changes to the food you eat and being more active can help lower your cholesterol to normal levels.

In some cases, particularly if you are older or at greater risk, you may also need to take a cholesterol-lowering medicine like a statin. Statins are very effective, safe and well tolerated and have been shown to reduce heart attacks.

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Staying healthy

Eating a healthy diet, not smoking and being physically active are important in helping to keep your cholesterol and other blood fats low.