South Asian Diet Advice
Inherited Heart Conditions

If you or a family member has been diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolaemia "Life with FH" is an essential read.

What’s your heart age?

Heart Age is a sign of how healthy your heart is. This clever calculator works it out from a few simple questions.


Healthy Swaps for South Asian diets

Losing weight isn’t about giving up your traditional dishes.Its about making small, healthy changes.  Use the guide below to make your choices healthier.

Food groups Traditional Swap for this
Starchy foods 

Paratha, puri, kachori
​Pulao, biriyani
​Fried potatoes

Potato curry

Chapatti, pitta bread, idli

Boiled basmati rice
Potatoes - prepared with minimum oil
Mixed vegetable curry

Fruits Canned fruit in syrup
Tinned mango pulp
Dried Fruit
All fresh fruits
Canned fruit in natural juices
Fruit salad with fresh mango pulp
Small amounts of dried fruit

Creamed or fried vegetables

Oily pickles

All vegetables cooked with minimal oil
More vegetables instead of potatoes in the vegetable curry

Dry pickle

Meat and Meat alternatives

Dahl made with ghee
Butter chicken
Fried kebabs
Lamb curry
Goat/Mutton curry
Fried fish
Fried nuts

Dahl made with small amounts unsaturated oils
Low fat cheese
Grilled chicken tikka or tandoori chicken
Grilled or baked kebabs
Lean saag lamb (lean cut bulked with spinach)
Small portion trimmed goat meat/mutton curry
Baked/grilled masala fish
Small amount of baked/dry roasted nuts


Whole milk and its products
Raita with Boondhi

Semi-skimmed/skimmed milk
Low fat raita with cucumber
Kheer made with skimmed milk and less sugar
Shrikhand made with low fat Greek style yoghurt

Fats  Butter, ghee, cream
Coconut oil
Coconut cream
Small amounts of vegetable oils (rapeseed, olive, sunflower, soya and corn oils)

Size matters..............................What you put on your plate is important but equally important is the size of your portion.  So eat smaller amounts.  Try eating slowly and savour every mouthful so you enjoy what you eat.