Blood Fats
Blood Fats

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Inherited cholesterol facts
  • People with familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) are at greater risk of heart disease
  • 1 in 250 people in the UK are believed to have FH 
  • Over 260,000 people in the UK may have FH, with fewer than 10% diagnosed
  • 56,000 children in the UK may have FH but only 600 of these are known
LDL - Case studies
Case studies

To be able to read about someone who has LDL apheresis on a regular basis, may help others considering it.

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Want to lose weight?
Want to lose weight?

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HEART UK's Low Fat Eating Plan

Step 3 - Getting confident with food

If you have been on your low fat diet for a few weeks you should be getting more confident with the types of foods you can buy in the supermarket and have had time to adapt some of the recipes that you normally prepare at home.
Remember it is still easy to slip back into old routines; so it’s a good idea to maintain your food and drink diary each day.   There are some extra tips and recipes on this page that you might find helpful too.

Divide your fat allowance into meals

Why not divide your fat allowance into bite sized pieces so that you know how much you have for each meal. Here is a suggestion of what it might look like:  

Grams of fat per mealtime
Fat  Allowance (g) Breakfast (g) Lunch (g) Evening Meal (g) Snacks (g)  
10 2 3 3 2  
20 4 6 6 4  
30 5 10 10 5  
40 7 13 13 7  
50 9 16 16 9  

Eating out

Low fat eating away from home can pose new challenges, especially if you have to eat out as part of your job or if you often work away from home.

Planning a meal out 

Getting sight of the menu before you go allows you to choose sensible low fat options ahead of time. Some fast food restaurants have websites with “nutritional calculators” which allow you to check out the fat content of the food before you buy. 
Most restaurant will be happy for you to call ahead and discuss your needs directly with the chef so you know there will be something suitable for you when you arrive. 

When you arrive at the restaurant  

  • Don’t be afraid to ask how each meal has been prepared and what ingredient have been used 
  • If there is nothing suitable ask for what you want: vegetables without butter, sauces or dressings on the side, plain salads.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a substitute if the side dish with your meal is not suitable.  
  • Choose plenty of vegetables with your main course 
  • Go for dishes which are steamed, braised, grilled or baked.
  • Avoid anything fried, or sauteed and creamy sauces, pastry and large portions of meat as these can be high in fat 

Green lights for your low fat eating plan
•    Steamed
•    Poached
•    In its own juice
•    Grilled
•    Baked
•    Broiled

Red Flags for your low fat eating plan
•    Crispy
•    Fried
•    Breaded
•    Sauteed
•    Buttery
•    Cheesy/au gratin
•    Creamy
•    With a gravy/jus/sauce

Check out HEART UK's Low Fat Recipes  

All these recipes are less than 20% fat.

Soups and salads

Indian salad (11%)
Chicken soup (17%)
Broad bean and ham soup (14%)
Tuna bean salad (19%)


Butternut squash risotto (18%)
Spicy burgers (9%) 
Spicy pasta (12%)
Autumn vegetable mash (9%)
Green chicken curry (19%)
Roasted cod and sweet potatoes (7%)
Spaghetti with mussels (16%)
Prawn Tikka Skewers (9%)

Beetroot risotto (11%)


Summer Pudding
Berry salad with yoghurt 


Oat and apple muffins (15%)
Fudgy buttermilk brownies (15%)

There are plenty more recipes on our site that you can adapt by reducing the oil content of each recipe.  Use a good not stick pan and an oil and water spray. 

Re-visit step 1 -  Recognising foods high and low in fat
Re-visit step 2 -  Pulling together a meal plan

If you need help with healthy eating or cholesterol-lowering, check out HEART UK's advice elsewhere on this site.