Dr. Sarah Jarvis
Dr. Sarah Jarvis

“I am pleased to support HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Month this October. HEART UK work tirelessly towards preventing premature deaths caused by high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Like HEART UK I would like the majority of UK adults to know their cholesterol levels, understand the impact and take any necessary action. Best of luck to those taking part in the Great Cholesterol Challenge to promote an active lifestyle and help raise funds for a fantastic organisation!”

 Dr Sarah Jarvis

The silent killer

Most people don’t know they have raised cholesterol. There are no clear symptoms. For some, the first sign might be a heart attack.

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Have any enquiries about getting involved with HEART UK? Get in touch with our Development Office on 01628 777 046 or email us at development@heartuk.org.uk

Walk for heart health!

On average we walk around 4,000 steps a day but the recommended amount is 10,000 steps every day so there’s lots of room for improvement!  Walking is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise that's easy, free and suitable for people of all ages and most abilities. It increases good cholesterol levels (HDL), reduces blood pressure, keeps your weight in check and helps reduce your overall risk of heart disease. Walking also makes you feel good!  

Challenge yourself to walk more during October and do one of our fun and exciting virtual walking challenges below.  Do this on your own or in pairs or get a team together!  Or you could simply pledge to get off the train or bus a stop earlier and walk the difference during October and get sponsored for doing it!   Set yourself a challenge and see just what you can walk in a day!  Alternatively, try one of our fantastic virtual challenges!  Here are a few ideas of virtual walks to get you inspired and motivated:

  • Wooler to Holy Island in Northumberland is a fantastic 18 mile walk.  Start this first, and if you finish it easily, turn around and come back again making it a 36 mile round trip!
  • Enjoy a leisurely virtual walk around the Isle of Wight – 65 miles along the stunning coast line of this beautiful island  
  • Go on a virtual ‘coast to coast’ walk covering – 117 miles from Lynmouth in the North to Wembury in the South taking in Dartmoor along the way!
  • Follow the River Thames for 184 miles from its source in the Cotswold hills to the sea.  Imagine passing through peaceful meadows, rural villages, historical towns and cities, and finally through the heart of London to end at the Thames Barrier in Greenwich. 

Choose which challenge suits you.  Download the RunKeeper App onto your smart phone and record the miles you walk. Alternatively, if you have the iPhone 5S and above, you can record your miles with the Health App.   Encourage your family and friends to get involved too!  Open a Virgin Money or Just Giving account, send the link round to family and friends (including those on your social media channels) and see how much your efforts will raise for HEART UK; you'll also feel so much better from having done the challenge!

Please tweet about your challenge, and post photographs on Instagram  and Facebook - @heartukcharity using #NCMheartuk

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Thank you for getting involved!

HEART UK cannot accept liability for any problems or accidents during activities run in its name. Please make sure you keep safe and legal, and have fun! For comprehensive advice on all aspects of health and safety at events, see www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/law.pdf 

HEART UK’s National Cholesterol Month is proudly supported by Nestlé Heart Healthy Cereals.

Reducing consumption of saturated fat contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Cheerios® Oat Crisp and Shredded Wheat® are low in saturated fat.