Round Robin
Round Robins

•Bi-monthly e-mail communications
•Any topic related to lipids
•Anyone can write one
•Can be short or long
•Examples – case studies, role descriptions, clinical updates
•Contact Alison Pottle or Tina Dawson if you want to write one or become a group member

HC only - FH-the challenge to find and treat

FH - The Challenge to Find and Treat - View a series of podcasts on familial hypercholesterolemia from the BJC. Register here to view more podcasts from the BJC.

Simon Broome HCP module
Simon Broome Register

Find out about the work of the Simon Broom Familial Hyperlipidaemia Register

Lipid interest group

Why not join HEART UK's Lipid Interest Group? 

It is open to all nurses and allied health professionals with an interest in cholesterol and other blood fats (lipids). 

The group aims to:

  •  Help educate health care professionals and patients on all aspects related to lipids;
  •  Network and support those working in lipids;
  •  Promote up to date research and information on lipid problems and their treatments
  •  Identify new and current lipid clinics in the UK and those health care professionals involved with them.

We send out a ‘round robin’ every 2 months, which includes articles, information, recent research, case studies or anything related to raised lipids and their treatment which would be of interest to the members. We also share information on upcoming conferences,  meetings and study days. Any member of the group can contribute/volunteer to do this.   You can see some examples of our previous round robins at the bottom of this page.

The group meets annually and recently met at HEART UK's Annual Conference in Coventry in July 2018   Our next meeting will take place at HEART UK's Annual Conference in Coventry in 2019 (address below)

HEART UK Annual Conference 2019, Warwick Arts Centre, University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL.  

Dates: 3-5th July 2019



To find out more or to join our Lipid Interest Group please contact:

Alison Pottle, Nurse Consultant in Cardiology at Harefield Hospital and Chair of the Lipid Interest Group.


Tina Dawson, Nurse Project Manager for HEART UK


Previous round robins: click on the title to download the round robin


Doreen Albin, Dietitian, Wythenshawe Hospital (June 2016) -  Experience of running a patient support group

Laura Davis, Clinical Nurse Specialist in FH Cascade Screening (August 2016) - My experience as a new FH nurse

Baldeesh Rai, Dietetic Advisor, HEART UK - The Wellness Show


Zoe Jayne, FH Specialist Nurse, Royal Free Hospital (February 2017) - NHS Health Checks

Linda Main, Dietetic Advisor at HEART UK (April 2017) -  Cardiovascular Health - is cutting out saturated fat still the answer?

Rachel Dunn, FH Specialist Nurse (August 2017) - Top Tips on Revalidation for Nurses


Get in touch (get involved)
Get in touch

Have any enquiries about getting involved with HEART UK? Get in touch with our Development Office on 01628 777 046 or email us at