Campaigning to increase awareness of raised cholesterol as a major public health concern. 

FH Toolkit

The HEART UK Familial Hypercholesterolemia​ (FH) Toolkit is aimed at commissioners and clinicians, with a suite of materials designed to aid implementation of the guideline.


How to work with the HEART UK Patients’ Charter

The patients’ charter has been developed with the aim of empowering patients to take a more active role in understanding and managing their condition.

At each stage of their treatment, patients will have different questions and concerns. You can use the patients’ charter to underline the important points about the diagnosis, treatment and management of their high cholesterol and also to emphasise their role in ensuring that their condition is managed appropriately.

You can download a copy of the patients’ charter and read more about it. 

If you have any queries or wish to provide us with feedback, please contact the HEART UK Helpline.