The Joint British Societies' consensus recommendations for the prevention of cardiovascular disease (JBS3)

The Joint British Societies guidelines are compiled by a working group of eminent clinicians from a number of like minded professional societies and health charities in the UK.  

JBS3 has developed the idea of lifetime cardiovascular risk,  in addition to 10 year risk and heart age, and has produced a lifetime risk calculator.  The calculator, for use by nurses and doctors, can  help illustrate the level of personal risk for each patient, and will illustrate how changes in diet, lifestyle and treatment can impact upon the expected date of a first cardiovascular event.  By modelling the effect of a delay in lifestyle change, it is envisaged that more people will understand the concept of risk and be motivated to make and benefit from earlier lifestyle changes.  

JBS3 risk calculator

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The full JBS3 report is available via Heart

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