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~Alcohol concern
~NHS Choices
~Why alcohol is harmful
~What amount is safe
~What is a unit

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~Visit your GP
~Down Your Drink

Cholesterol level concerns?
Cholesterol level concerns?

Concerned about your cholesterol levels?  Is there is a history of heart disease in your family? Contact us or download our cholesterol fact sheets.

Fruit & vegetables
Fruit & vegetables

Fresh, frozen, canned or dried, they all count towards your 5-a-day target. Read our factsheet for ways to help to reach your 5-a-day target.


Feel better

If you have been a regular drinker over Christmas it’s very likely that you will feel the benefit of a month free from drink. 

And it’s more than just avoiding the dreaded hangover.  Regular drinkers are more likely to be tired, late for work and more easily irritated in stressful situations.  So it can affect your mood and concentration too.

By the end of Dry January you’ll be sleeping better, have more energy and chances are you’ll feel more confident too.  That’s because at some point you will have had to exercise your will power and turn down that drink.   And with time you’ll realise you are stronger and more resilient than you ever thought.

And there are improvements you cannot see too.  Cutting out the booze can help to remove any fat already in your liver, reduce triglyceride levels and improve the levels of your good cholesterol too.  It may even lead to better blood sugar control if you are a diabetic. And early signs suggest a reduction in blood pressure too.