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For help and further information about alcohol check out the links below
~Alcohol concern
~NHS Choices
~Why alcohol is harmful
~What amount is safe
~What is a unit

For more specialised support
~Visit your GP
~Down Your Drink

Lifestyle changes

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Forge better habits 

Lots of people asking whether Dry January has any effect on long term habits. 

Well the good news is that it seems so.  It takes roughly 3-4 weeks to embed any new dietary or lifestyle habits and adopting better drinking habits seems to be no exception.   

Surveys of people taking part in dry January have shown that six months after the campaign has finished, seven out of ten people have continued to drink less than before. And what’s more almost a quarter of the people who were drinking at “harmful” levels before the campaign, are now in the low risk category for alcohol and their health.

The survey also showed that by taking a month off drinking but still going out and doing things, people felt more confident turning down a drink when they don’t really want or need one.
So what are you waiting for – it’s now time to get started.