Essential alcohol links

For help and further information about alcohol check out the links below
~Alcohol concern
~NHS Choices
~Why alcohol is harmful
~What amount is safe
~What is a unit

For more specialised support
~Visit your GP
~Down Your Drink

Improve relationships 

Its good news - cutting down on drink can help improve the relationships you have at work, with your partner, friends and family.

This is because the amount and way we drink can affect our relationships with others, especially if we binge drink.  During drinking sessions alcohol gets into our brain and lowers our inhibitions.  Whilst this might make you feel more confident and less anxious it can result in you doing something that you might not do if you were sober.   Something that you may come to regret.

Some people can also become aggressive after they have drunk too much - so it's not surprising that people are more likely to argue or have a fight after drinking. Scientist have also identified a strong link between alcohol and domestic violence.