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Essential alcohol links

For help and further information about alcohol check out the links below
~Alcohol concern
~NHS Choices
~Why alcohol is harmful
~What amount is safe
~What is a unit

For more specialised support
~Visit your GP
~Down Your Drink

4 ways to lower cholesterol

Written by Linda Main and Baldeesh Rai, HEART UK dietitians, and featuring lots of helpful advice, motivational tools and recipes.  


Save money

Whether you buy your drink at the pub or at the supermarket there’s potential to save money when you quit for 31 days.

Select your tipple from the selection below, think about how many you have over a typical week, multiply by 4 and find out how much you can save in a month: in units, calories and ££££’s.
The benefits of a whole month off from drinking can be staggering! You’ll notice the difference in your pocket, around your waistline and in your general health.

Save units, calories and cash
  Units Calories Average pub saving
Standard glass of wine (175mls) 2 115 £3.95
Large glass of wine (250mls) 3 190 £4.50
Bottle of wine (750mls) 9 570 £13.00
Pint of beer (560mls) 2 165 £3.86
Bottle of beer (330mls) 1.6 140 £3.50
Spirit shot (with mixer) 1 64 £3.25
Alcopop 1 226 £3.50