Blood Fats
Blood Fats

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Clogged artery animation

Excess blood cholesterol becomes stuck in the linings of an artery, eventually the artery narrows.

5th Annual National Prevention Conference

Prevention Matters: Making the Difference:

Friday 23rd November 2018

From 08.00 - 16.00

Johnstown Estate Hotel, Enfield, Co. Meath 


Speakers include:

Prevention Matters in Ireland - Catherine Byrne, Minister for Health Promotion and National Drugs Stragegy

Top Ten Lessons Learned from the National NHS Health Check Programme - Professor Jamie Waterall, National Lead for CVD Prevention UK

Lets Talk about Men - Professor Mike Kirby, International Lecturer in Men's Health UK

Making Prevention Measurably Better in Women - Professor Erin Michos, John Hopkins University, Baltimore

Hot Topic: Meet the Experts Session - Dietary controversies causing confusion - the truth about low carbs, fasting and high fat diets 


Registration is now open

Registration details and full programme here