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2019 annual conference
3-5 July 2019
University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Who should attend?
  • Hospital Consultants
  • SpRs
  • Associate Specialists and Specialist Trainees with an interest in Cardiovascular disease
  • Caring Professionals
  • Chemical Pathologists
  • Clinical Lipidologists
  • Diabetologists
  • ​Geneticists
  • Cardiologists
  • Vascular Surgeons
  • Cardiovascular Radiologists
  • Allied Health Professionals
  • Community Pharmacists
  • General Practitioners
  • GPs with Specialist Interest in CVD
  • Physicians
  • Directors of Public Health
  • Healthcare Commissioners
  • Nurses - Specialist Cardiovascular and Lipid Clinic
  • Nurses - Practice
  • Nurses - Genetics Specialist
  • Dietitians
  • Nutritionists
  • Basic Scientists
  • Scientists and researchers in cardiovascular diseases
  • Those with an interest in cardiovascular disease, lipids and atherosclerosis


'Hot Topics in Atherosclerosis and Cardiovascular Disease'

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Wednesday 4 - Friday 6 July 2018

FINAL conference programme

Conference flier
Hyperlipidaemia Education + Lp(a) study day flier


CPD approval has been confirmed by the Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the United Kingdom for 15 category 1 (external) CPD credit(s).
British Dietetic Association endorsed.

TOPICS + SPEAKERS - Wednesday 4 July:

  • Optimising treatment of Hyperlipidaemia: quantitative evaluation of UK, USA and European guidelines

Evidence strongly favours therapeutic LDL concentration targets in hypercholesterolaemia
Professor Paul DURRINGTON (Manchester, UK)

  • Cardiovascular risk in chronic kidney disease and its management

Professor Phil KALRA (Manchester, UK)

  • Lipodystrophy: diagnosis and management

Diagnosis and management of syndromes of lipodystrophy
Dr Anna STEARS (Cambridge, UK)

  • Lipoprotein(a): its value as a CV risk factor and how to address it

Describing the role of lipoprotein(a) as an independent risk factor for atherosclerotic disease and discuss potential treatments
Professor Klaus G. PARHOFER (Munich, GERMANY)

  • Lp(a) in children

Lp(a) and lipids: risk factors for CVD which should be treated in children
Professor Kurt WIDHALM (Vienna, AUSTRIA)

  • Lipoprotein (a) as a therapeutic target  

An overview of my clinical research assessing the role of Lipoprotein (a) reduction with Apheresis in Refractory Angina, as well as new emerging therapies for raised Lipoprotein (a).
Dr Tina KHAN (London, UK)

  • Lp(a) – The Lipoprotein(a) Foundation, a risk marker for cardiovascular disease – A patient’s story

The Vision of the Lipoprotein(a) Foundation is to live in a world where high Lipoprotein(a) is routinely diagnosed, treated and family screened.
Mrs Sandra REVILL TREMULIS (San Carlos, California, USA)

FINAL conference programme

TOPICS + SPEAKERS - Thursday 5 July:

  • CETP inhibition – the Oxford REVEAL study

This talk will describe the story of CETP inhibition to date, and the results of the 30,000-patient REVEAL trial of anacetrapib.
Dr Louise BOWMAN (Oxford, UK)

  • HDL – reasons of previous clinical futility and opportunities for future clinical utility

Exploitation of HDL needs novel biomarkers that unlike “HDL-cholesterol” reflect functionality of HDL

  • Inflammation in atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease

Inflammation in coronary arteries, does it matter and what can be done about it?
Professor Sheila FRANCIS (Sheffield, UK)

  • Inclisiran – the story so far

Exploring  the mechanism of action of inclisiran, data from early phase trials, details of ongoing studies and plans for a forthcoming cardiovascular outcome trial.
Dr David PREISS (Oxford, UK)

  • Non alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) update

NAFLD is very common in patients with CVD risk factors: how should NAFLD be diagnosed and which patients should be referred for specialist investigation?
Professor Christopher D BYRNE (Southampton, UK)

  • Bariatric surgical approaches in managing obesity

Professor Jon BARRY (Swansea, Wales, UK)

  • Metabolic improvements in patients with impaired glucose homeostasis following bariatric surgery

Professor Jeffrey STEPHENS (Swansea, Wales, UK)

  • Public health and primary care commissioning for vascular health

Mrs Gillian FIUMICELLI (London Borough of Bromley, UK)

  • Cardiovascular disease: lifetime risk for women

Awareness of recommendations for women’s cardiovascular health and an individualised approach may lead to equitable provision; recent SWEDEHEART data 2003-2013 question progress and must keep us vigilant.

  • Men and CVD

There is a gender gap of 6-7 yrs. in favour of women, why should that be???
Professor Michael KIRBY (Hatfield, UK)

  • Clinical Lipidology Live – Interactive case study session in a panel format with perspectives from a cardiologist, lipidologist and GP
  • HEART UK charity update

Miss Jules PAYNE


Nuclear receptors in the control of metabolic and cardiovascular disease
Nuclear receptors as therapeutic targets for cardiometabolic diseases – a story from bench-to-bedside
Professor Bart STAELS (Lille, FRANCE)

Heart healthy walk

FINAL conference programme

TOPICS + SPEAKERS - Friday 6 July:


  • Abstracts of free communications - oral session
  • Genomics update – the future for FH genetic testing
    This presentation will cover the changing landscape of genetic testing, including the latest from the 100,000 genomes project, the genetics laboratory reconfiguration and the new genomic medicine service.
    Dr Maggie WILLIAMS (Bristol, UK)

  • Odessey update

Does the outcome of recent PCSK-9 trials redefine what we should be doing for secondary prevention?
Professor Tim REYNOLDS (Burton on Trent, UK)

  • Fourier data update

The Fourier Study was a large trial of PCSK9 inhibitors in cholesterol reduction….what do the subanalyses tell us?
Dr Derek CONNOLLY  (Birmingham, UK)

  • Cutting dietary sugar in primary care: Effect on lipid profiles, liver function, blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes control and drug budgets

Is cutting sugar a magic bullet? Find out how my GP practice gets great results, spends £38,000 less on drugs for diabetes alone and works with patients’ goals.
Dr David UNWIN (Southport, UK)

  • Lp(a) utility in clinical practice: towards UK consensus

Here we cover the current evidence base for Lp(a) as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and practical recommendations regarding its use in clinical practice, including progress by HEART UK on development of a consensus statement
Dr Jai CEGLA (London, UK)

  • Closing Interactive Session:

This house believes that Dyslipidaemia rather than Dysglycemia is the predominant risk factor in the promotion of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes

Chair – Dr Alan REES

For Dyslipidaemia:  Professor Ian YOUNG (Belfast) + Professor Julian HALCOX (Wales)
For Dysglycemia:    Professor Mike KHAN (Coventry)

Presentation of prizes and awards

FINAL conference programme

The conference is sponsored by various organisations.  These organisations have had no input into the development of the programme for the study day, Medical & Scientific and Healthcare programme’s, or influenced the choice of speakers. But excluding the sponsored symposia sessions where the programme is developed and speakers identified by the sponsor.

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