Essential downloads (Follow Your Heart)
Essential downloads

Follow your heart

Welcome to the Follow Your Heart ‘Implementation Toolkit’.

This toolkit has been developed to assist primary care healthcare professionals in implementing the Follow Your Heart Guidance.

The Follow Your Heart initiative was established byHEART UK, the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society (PCCS) and Pfizer to help address the need for optimal and equal standards of treatment and care for post-myocardial infarction (MI) patients. After conducting research which identified significant regional variation in the use and availability of existing post-MI guidelines across the UK, the Follow Your Heart Group’s* expert Steering Committee, comprising healthcare professionals and a patient representative, came together to review existing guidelines and develop best practice guidance for the treatment of post-MI patients.

This guidance was published in the British Journal of Cardiology and is available to download from this website, along with a toolkit to help you implement the guidance in your own locality. The ‘Implementation Toolkit’ includes:

  1. Follow Your Heart research paper and guidance
  2. Poster for healthcare professionals
  3. Patient education leaflet.
  4. Educational presentation for healthcare professionals – Follow Your Heart: optimal care after a heart attack.
  5. Discharge summary template.
  6. Suggestions on how to implement Follow Your Heart in your local area

If you would like to order free hard copies of the patient leaflet or primary care tool, please contact Caroline Burtt at Ketchum Pleon

Please note that production of the ‘Implementation Toolkit’ was funded by Pfizer.