• The launch of ‘Saving Lives, Saving Families
  • At the House of Commons,
    22 February 2012.

    Virendra Sharma MP,
    with Dr Dermot Neely,
    Co-Chair, HEART UK
    FH Guideline
    Implementation Team.
  • (L-R) Dr Dermot Neely,
    Oliper Chandiwana,
    Slade Carter,
    Jules Payne,
    Leo Nherera and
    Dr Michelle Bishop.
  • Julie Hilling MP,
    with Jules Payne,
    Chief Executive, HEART UK.
  • (L-R) Dr Devi Nair,
    Dr Bob Finnie,
    Professor Tim Aitman.
  • Dr Ian McDowell and
    Dr Bob Cramb,
    Chair of HEART UK.

FH Report

Saving Lives, Saving Families, The health, social and economic advantages of detecting and treating FH’

On 22 February 2012, HEART UK launched this report, which includes new economic modelling that demonstrates the health and cost savings that can be made through improved identification and treatment of FH. The report also makes recommendations towards developing an England national programme to help make this happen.

» Download the FH Report, ‘Saving Lives, Saving Families’.

» Download the complete health economic modelling for the report.